A 3-D documentary film about the life and work of sculptor and printmaker H.C. Westermann. As a veteran of World War II and the Korean War who struggled with the ramifications of modern warfare, Westermann’s dramatic personal history can be traced through his beguiling, surreal artworks. Pentimenti's new feature will use cutting-edge filmmaking techniques to bring the beauty, mystery, comedy, and pain of Westermann’s work and life to a new generation of viewers. Currently in production, with completion expected in late 2018.

The Chicago Imagist Web Archive

This interactive online companion to Hairy Who and the Chicago Imagists provides a new resource for all audiences - students, teachers, artists, researchers and art enthusiasts alike - to discover and explore Chicago Imagism online.

Explore the Chicago Imagists Archive to:
- Uncover additional archival material and interview footage not included in the movie,
- Read interpretive essays on the Who, What, and Where of the Chicago Imagist story,
- Find links to resources elsewhere on the web and in libraries to continue your research.

Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists

A lavishly-illustrated romp through Chicago Imagist art: the Second City scene that challenged Pop Art’s status quo in the 1960s, then faded from view. Forty years later, its funk and grit inspires artists from Jeff Koons to Chris Ware, making the Imagists the most famous artists you never knew.

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