Video: Afterimage at DePaul Art Museum, Fall 2012

Afterimage from Pentimenti Productions on Vimeo.

Emerging in the late 1960s, Imagist artists in Chicago challenged the dominant principles of Pop and abstraction, their figural distortion and hot palettes derived from countless vernacular sources like advertising and comics.  Decades later, the Imagists’ stance still resonates for a new generation of contemporary artists, whose work builds on and expands this legacy. Afterimage provides a new view of contemporary art of the region and also explores the larger question of how to understand the processes of influence and appropriation.

Participating artists: Carl Baratta, Marc Bell, Eric Cain, Lilli Carre, Justin Cooper, Rob Doran, Richard Hull, Steven Husby, David Ingenthron, Eric Lebofsky, David Leggett, Amy Lockhart, Eric May, Ellen Nielsen, Anders Oinonen, John Parot, Carmen Price, Ben Seamons, Rebecca Shore, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Joe Tallarico, Selina Trepp, The Trubble Club, and Zack Wirsum.

Three partner exhibitions at other Chicago venues provide deeper understanding of both the contemporary artists in Afterimage and the Chicago Imagists: The Roger Brown Study Collection, the Center for Book and Paper Arts, and the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection.

Afterimage is curated by Thea Liberty Nichols and Dahlia Tulett-Gross, and organized by the DePaul Art Museum